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Previous Entry Read This! Dec. 6th, 2004 @ 07:35 pm Next Entry
OK!!!! guess what!! we have 5!!!!!! members!!!!!!! (i know not that many, but i'm in a good mood right now) We NEED MORE MEMBERS!!! recruit! talk! stalk! (ok, don't stalk, but u guys get the piont) Also::

Icon Ideas::: i will be changing our icon soon (hopefully). I will save it in a file in my computer, just incase we decide we want it back. But I need you to Post Differant icon ideas, on your own posts (please) um, please have all icon entries in by (drum Roll pleezzee) January 6th aka Epiphany, Three Kings Day, and 12th day. we will vote on a separate post that i'll set up on the seventh. all of the runners up will go in a file on my computer, and we might use them for something else **you can post multiple entries**

Piping Stories::: ok this is a PIPING lj, so we need some piping stories!!! i don't really care what they are about, if it's you or a friend, or if you just decided to stalk a piper.... just STORIES!!!!!!

ok, i'm starting to sound like my mom, and i'm only 13, but u guys get my point!!

ok, cya l8r
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